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A Kind of Cabinet (C7114)

metal, fir wood, bark, stuffed pigeon, topographic maps, photographs, book
133 x 52 x 38 cm

The Project A Kind of Cabinet is based on a variety of individual cabinets. Regarding the actual making of the cabinets together with the enclosed objects and a certain materiality each version is dealing with the regional identity of a specific area on its very own way. The principles of collecting and displaying can also be found within this on-going project.

Cabinet furniture exhibits a long tradition: in the form of art cabinets and cabinets of wonder, representative collections have existed homogeneously for 500 years presenting artifacts, art and crafts aside one another.
Whether from a regional area or in the shape of (travel)souvenirs, the emphasis of interest always lay on a fascination for rarities and curiosities. The different and partly strange objects evoke an astonishment and admiration as well as the desire to touch the object and learn more about its origin and identity.
A Kind of Cabinet translates the traditional cabinet into a contemporary product.

A Kind of Cabinet (C7114) is inspired by the city of Karlsruhe in Germany and the surrounding area towards the Black Forest together with its strong monumentality.
On the inside of the lacquered metal closet, various objects taken from the context of the Black Forest are deposited: natural raw materials such as the massive pedestal made from fir wood, onto which a bark surface is nailed, symbolize the forest's authentic architecture of naturally grown grids. This is continued by the maps that show the relationship between urban and agrarian areas and which refer to the connection of different places and urban layout structures. The postcards show individual stills of a covered distance and at the same time offer hints to town-specific situations. The pigeon functions as a placeholder for any creature and acts as an agent between the cabinet's content, the viewer and the imaginary space around it.

The edition C7114 is the first of a series of cabinets, that encourage one to deal with the closet's immanent identity, to become aware of regional characteristics and also scrutinize one's own identity.

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