WorldWide Carpets

printed carpet material
140 x 190 cm / complete flooring / individual sizes

Worldwide Carpets are rugs that are imprinted with aerial photographs. The image illustrates landscapes and architectural constructions - presented as a translation of the former Persian Carpets to the present time.

Worldwide Carpets refer to aerial photographs as they are presented by
software programs on the internet. From the abundance of pictures which virtually depict the globe and trace entire city structures in detail, the designer picks views from certain cities always referring to architecture and their city planning. As different levels of pattern appear - depending on the viewers point of view - the once chosen structure dissolves towards a disruption of its context and transfers the original photograph into a pattern.
David Hanauer takes up the ornament structures of Persian carpets for the composition of his patterns, while referring to recurring motives and patterns. The different scaled and imprinted carpets can be used individually or serially as floor covering.The designer documents the specific forms of existing city planning with the bird‘s eye view. Based on the generated vocabulary of forms, while also modifying the template, David Hanauer ties on the traditional ways of figurative story telling with the carpet being the image carrier.
WorldWide Carpets are not only everyday objects: they do as well report about the contemporary human being who is using the carpet.

WWC#1 - 6th&Flower St
WWC#2 - Arctic Woodland
WWC#3 - Sun City
WWC#4 - Highway